Ironman Triathlon 2019

  IronMan is a one-day endurance event that takes place annually in more than twenty locations around the world in almost every continent, comprising of three main activities or components, which are swimming in the open sea, cycling on the road and also long distance running. This triathlon is owned and operated by the World Triathlon Corporation, with humble beginings originating as a challenge for a group of US Navy Seals in Hawaii that was sparked from a debate between the local swimming and running clubs on which sport produces the best athletes.

Apart from various host countries, this event has made a home in Langkawi, Malaysia for the past several years, with this island being considered as one of the world’s best location to host this event by its participants. Apart from the humidity, the views that are offered for each event is breathtaking and awe-inspiring, from the beautiful azure seas that cradle the archipelago to pristine rainforest that envelopes the hills and mountains. The island destination for this event is also set in a locale that contains the island’s oldest geological formation, the Mat Cincang Formation, which rose from the seabed during the Cambrian geological period, a setting now enriched with folklores and legends, interspersed with a rich cultural heritage and age-old traditions


Going back to the topic, for the kind information of our beloved spectators and sports enthusiasts, this event falls into different categories, namely the titular IronMan (Full Triathlon) with an event breakdown of a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike ride and a 42km run, IronMan 70.3 (or alternatively known as Half Triathlon) consisting of a 1.9 km swim, a 90 km bike ride and a 21.1 km run, and IronKids (geared for children with aims to encourage children and youths to live a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age), starting with the basics by introducing them to this event. For the Langkawi leg of IronKids8, it will be divided between two categories, which will be the Aquathlon (for 4 – 10 years old, Swim 50m + Run 1.8km) & (for 11 – 17 years old, Swim 100m + Run 3.6km) and the Community Run (4 – 10 years old – 1.8km) & ( for 11 – 17 years old – 3.6km). Did you know that some of the world’s best athletes like Lance Armstrong, Hunter Kemper and Laura Reback competed in the Ironkids Triathlon Series when they were young?

IronMan 70.3 athletes need to finish their races in under four hours with the final finishers taking about eight hours, while for an IronMan race, the front-runners will take over eight hours while you need to complete the race in under 17 hours to be declared an official finisher. The compulsory weapons of choice for the athletes will be a swimsuit, a road or tri bike with helmet and good running shoes. You may also procure additional gear for each discipline, subject to your objectives and dedication.

An experienced athlete may commence training at six months but for beginners, they will probably start up to a year or two prior to get prepared for the event. This gruelling event may make or break a person, with many struggling to go beyond their limitations and persevere, be it as physically, mentally and spiritually. The results can be surprising, with a history bearing witness to seeing professional athletes crumbling before reaching their goal and novices being crowned as the champion.

For this year, IronMan Malaysia 2019 will once again be held in Langkawi, this time around on Saturday, 26 October, with participants from all over the world viewing the ultimate recognition and prize, with the Voice of IronMan himself, Mike Reilly, announcing his famous line “You are an IRONMAN,” at the finishing line! The perception of the IronMan as an exclusive sport event is no longer solid, as participants view their presence at this event as a benchmark for how far they can push themselves by going beyond their comfort zone and breaking the ceiling for their self-perceived limitation.


To celebrate this momentous event, we, the team at Mega Water Sports, would like to invite our IronMan and IronKid participants to unwind post-event by joining us on our specially curated 4-hour Jetski excursion, the Dayang Bunting Island Tour! Explore the isles from another perspective, as guests of leisure this time around, and immerse yourself in the beauty of our Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark archipelago. The goal of this excursion is to provide you with the opportunity to elevate your senses and enrich your soul by treating yourself to the ultimate nature adventure experience, guided by our experienced and dedicated Jetski Instructor Guides with safety as their number one priority! We have two tours scheduled daily that departs from our hub at Cenang Beach, in the morning (0900 – 1300hrs) and afternoon (1400 – 1800hrs). Terms and conditions as follow:

  • 10% off the published rate for IronMan and IronKids participants, their family & friends.
  • Proof of participation is needed upon tour reservation to qualify for the discount.
  • Valid from now to 20th December 2019
  • Booking to be made directly with Mega Water Sports via email, phone, walk-in to our office or

book on using the code : IRONMAN

To wrap things up, we would like to thank you for choosing us as the destination to host you in your quest for glory and best of luck!

Always remember, there is always an IronMan in each one of us, you only need to find the determination and the motivation to push yourself through!