Bird Watching In Langkawi : An Essential Guide

More than 750 bird species can be found under Malaysia’s chattering jungle canopies – that’s a whole lot of feathers for a relatively small nation and if you are interested in bird watching, then Langkawi can offer you something very special too. There are over 230 species of birds in

Seabin Project – An Initiative That Able To Ensure Our Ocean Clean

One of the biggest problem faced by most of the tourist spot are the amount of garbage and plastic that are left by tourists. In certain area, the garbage and pollution are beyond control amount and these can be seen in closure of the most famous spot in The Philippines, Boracay for s

Looking For Adventure In Langkawi? Try Ziplining

If you are looking for a lifetime experience and have that adrenalin rush, you should at least try ziplining. Of course in Langkawi, we do have such activities that suits all adrenalin junkie out there. While there is no limitation to try the activities, it is advisable (if you want t

What To Do and Where To Eat In Langkawi During Fasting Month

Next week, the local Muslim community will be observing fasting month or we call Ramadhan. In Fact, it will be observed by all Muslim all around the world. The whole month, the locals Muslim are forbidden from eating, drinking and partaking in vices from dawn to sunset and also known

Langkawi’s Top Restaurants For Local Food

As Pulau Langkawi caters to welcome guesses from all over the world, you can find a wide range of unique culinary delights here, from Thailand and Japan to Spain and France, as well as the Middle East. However, Langkawi is well known also for their best local delicacies in the country